Imperialist countries according to mass murderer Lenin

Spoiler: Lenin knew a lot about murder, terror, and concentration camps. He knew nothing about economics. According to his ramblings about “imperialism”, USA is not imperialistic but China and Russia are. But the leftists who are too lazy and thick to think for themselves still use the meningless concept of imperialism. Should they think, they would find that China and Russia are “imperialistic”.

Amid all the tearing down of statues by BLM activists, some morons in Gelsenkirchen actually erected a statue by the mass murderer Lenin. Lenin was not a revolutionary leader; he was a coup maker who was financed by the Germans to overthrow the interim Russian government and make peace with Germany so they could concentrate on the Western Front.

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Freedom is crushed in Hong Kong.

Spoiler: The Chinese communist regime has done what was expected. The security law which was designed to crush all opposition and human rights activists in Hong Kong, has been introduced. Soon to follow are mass arrests, torture, and murder according to communist traditions.

Within hours after the law entered into force, a man holding a flag with the text “Independence for Hong Kong” was arrested. He violated the law which makes it illegal to demand independence for Hong Kong from Communist China. Later, some 30 activists were arrested, and others were attacked by the police forces with water cannons.

As I briefly wrote in this post, the new law makes “crimes” of subversion, terrorism and co-operation with foreigners punishable by a minimum sentence of three years. But previous experience of the Chinese “judicial” system tells us that maximum punishment of life sentences are more likely. To make sure that the Hong Kong authorities implement in a satisfactorily way, Beijing has set up a security office in Hong Kong. The office is staffed with communist China’s own people who are not accountable to Hong Kong’s jurisdiction. That means that they can carry out any illegal acts Beijing deems necessary.

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Graph of the day – Political liberties under Putin

Yesterday’s graph showed that based on previous elections since Putin became president, the referendum is a mockery of democratic elections. This is not surprising since Putin holds democratic values and human rights in contempt. Letting people freely organise themselves in organisations where they can make their voices heard and express criticism against oppression, is threatening. This is why he’s labelled most such organisations “foreign agents”.

Other foreign agents are Olga and Ivan who read news on and distribute that further on their blogs. Such behaviour is of course intolerable since BBC happens to be a trustworthy and impartial news entity. Putin wants to control the information space.

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Graph of the day – Putin’s mock referendum

It has begun. Putin’s farcical referendum which was postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, kicked off on the 25th of June. The referendum, which includes lotteries and promises of increased wages and pensions, will, as all elections during Putin, be fraught with fake votes, double counting, intimidating people to vote and other nefarious activities to make sure that Putin will get the result he wants. Never mind that the referendum about a new constitution is unconstitutional no matter what the rubber stamp Constitutional court expressed.

But why believe me when I warite that I believe that also this election won’t be free and fair? Let’s see what independent political scientists have said about previous Russian elections since Putin became president. In the project Varities of Democracy, (, countries are assessed with respect to how the conditions in them are compatible with democracy. For example, are elections clean and not marred with by fraud? Can civil society organisations voice their opinions? Is there freedom of expression?

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