No matter what putin says, sanctions work!

Spoiler: putin wants us to believe that the sanctions on his death machine don’t work or are hurting us more than him. A recent analysis of sanctions show that sanctions do work! And recent data show that the russian industries are having severe problems producing new weapons.

The sanctions are hurting russia. russian gdp is expected to decline by at least 8 percent this year. The sanctions have caused russian imports to collapse in recent months. So much that the kremlin has banned the publication of trade statistics. Thus, the sanctions work and are hurting the little person’s death machine.

The negative effects of sanctions on the sanctioned country over time is analysed by a recent study. Usingthe new edition of the Global Sanctions Database, Kwon et. al. show that on average, an additional sanction decreases real GDP per capita in targeted countries by 0.39 percent.

Kwon also estimate the effects of different types of sanctions on GDP per capita growth. Trade sanctions reduce GDP per capita growth in the sanctioned country more than financial sanctions and travel sanctions. Trade sanctions decrease GDP per capita growth by 0.54 percent.

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Ryssland kan och ska besegras

I korthet: Det här blogginlägget är en debattartikel som publicerades av Dalademokraten den 28 juni. Den togs även in av SN den 9 juli med rub rubriken: “Den ryska imperialismen måste krossas. “ryssland för ett imperialistiskt folkmordskrig mot Ukraina. Ukraina måste stödjas tills Kremls imperialistiska drömmar krossas till grunden. Vapenvila eller fryst konflikt ger bara imperialisterna i kreml andrum för att fylla på sina trupper, vapen och ammunition så att de senare kan återuppta kriget både mot Ukraina och mot nya mål som den lille psykopaten i kreml påstår tillhör ryssland.

In English: This post is an op-ed to the two newspapers mentioned above. russia is waging an imperialistic genocidal war against Ukraine. Ukraine must be supported so to the end of russia’s defeat and crushing of its imperialistic ambitions. No cease-fire or frozen conflict can be tolerated. That would only allow the kremlin to replenish its troopsa and weapons to, in the future, continue the war against Ukraine and othe countries that the little psychopath in the kremlin believes belongs to russia.

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Svenska FN-förbundet och ICAN är samarbetspartners med Kvinnor för Fred och Sveriges Fredsråd

I korthet: Detta är ett gästinlägg av Knut Gustafsson. När Sveriges fredsråds ordförande, Agneta Norberg, uppmärksammades för sitt stöd av putins folkmordskrig mot Ukraina, så började Knut nysta i relationerna mellan Sveriges Fredsråd (SFR), Kvinnor för Fred (KFF) och andra organisationer som står uppsatta som samarbetspartners på KFF:s hemsida. Knut ställde frågor till dessa sistnämnda i mäjl. Han fick inga tillfredsställande svar. Därav detta gästinlägg. Sprid det gärna.

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No, imports do not reduce GDP

Spoiler: Statistics Sweden reported in a news brief that net exports explained a reduction in GDP compared to a previous period. This is wrong. Later in the same brief they defined GDP as the sum of goods and services domestically produced during a period of time. This is correct.

This misunderstanding is often repeated in the media. It is probably due to a sloppy reading of the National Accounts definition of GDP. This states that GDP = Private Consumption + Government expenditures + Investments + Exports – Imports. But imports are deducted from GDP because Consumption, Investments, and Exports include imported goods and services. Imports and the imported parts of the other components cancel out.

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