What was true in Putin’s article about WWII?

Spoiler: Not much. He lied and twisted facts. His 9 000 piece about WWII that The National Interest published was nothing but an amateurish attempt at rewriting history. By now, we are used to Kremlin’s weaponizing of history which I showed here. The regime undertakes great efforts to erase it’s the Soviet pact with Nazi-Germany. Soviet participation in WWII did not begin 22 June 1941, it began 17 September 1939 when Soviet attacked Poland in the back and killed 22 000 Polish officers, policemen and officials. Then Soviet attacked Finland but failed to occupy her. Unfortunately, Stalin succeeded to occupy the Baltic countries. Imprisonments, deportations, torture, rapes and killings followed and continued when the Soviet Union liberated the countries from the Nazis. And Russia also prides itself of liberating Norway and Bornholm.

But Soviet helped the Nazis in the attack on Narvik by giving the Nazis a naval basis in the Soviet. A supply ship from that base played a key part in the Nazis’ attack on Narvik. Bornholm? The German troops there wanted to surrender to the British forces that had liberated the rest of Denmark. But for reasons of logistic and misunderstanding, it was left to Soviet to take care of the German troops. The Soviets went about it their usual incompetent way and bombed two cities on the island.  About 90% of the houses were damaged or totally destroyed. Very few of the german troops were affected. That’s not mentioned in Putin’s article. 

The hypocritical Victory Parade is part of the Kremlin’s war against the truth.he Kremlin has also made Russian history books a farce and introduced laws that criminalise the truth of Soviet-Nazi cooperation and Soviet war crimes during WWII. The methods to change history also includes inventions of other countries’ war crimes. But let’s give Putin a chance. Below is a fair assessment of Putin’s article. It shows the number of statements in Putin’s article that are true.  

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Graph of the Day – Lessons learned from being occupied by the Soviet Union or attacked by Russia

In the two previous posts, here and here, I showed that Putin has increased Russian military expenditures significantly even though Russia has not been exposed to any external threat since the collapse of the Soviet Union and that countries which have been occupied or dominated by Soviet have increased their military expendiutres following Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The “peace activists” that flood the newspapers with pro-Kremlin views never mention that Swedish military expenditures have decreased in constant prices since 1987. Neither do they mention Russia’s massive increase since Putin became president.

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Graph of the day – Some unpleasant facts for Swedish “peace activists”

We celebrate our National Day today, the 6th of June. But not all of us think it is something to celebrate. There are those among us that want to destroy our country. These people are, as in other countries, left- and right-wing extremists who worship Putin. It may look strange that people with so diverse views admire the bare-chested little dictator. The common denominator for these groups is of course Putin’s deep contempt of human rights.

The left-wing extremists engage in “peace movements” in every country. Some of the these people and their activities are described in the part about Sweden here.

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