The hypocritical Victory Parade

Spoiler: Kremlin weaponizes history. The regime undertakes great efforts to erase it’s the Soviet pact with Nazi-Germany. Soviet participation in WWII did not begin 22 June 1941, it began 17 September 1939 when Soviet attacked Poland in the back. Then Soviet attacked Finland but failed to occupy her. Unfortunately, Stalin succeeded to occupy the Baltic countries. Imprisonments, deportations, torture, rapes and killings followed and were continued when the Soviet Union liberated the countries from the Nazis.

The Kremlin has made Russian history books a farce and introduced laws that criminalise the truth of Soviet-Nazi cooperation and Soviet war crimes during WWII. The methods to change history also includes inventions of other countries’ war crimes.

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Putin’s priorities put the Russian people at risk

Spoiler: Recently released data from The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (, shows that Russia continues to prioritise the military. Russian military expenditures as shares in GDP and total government expenditure exceed most countries’.

Spending so much of a country’s resources on the military would be justifiable if the country faces a threat from other countries. But there is no threat. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, military expenditures in Western Europe decreased significantly and USA withdrew many of its troops, weapons and military equipment from Europe.

But for a president who considers the collapse of the Soviet Union to be a larger geopolitical disaster than the WWII, which cost the lives of at least 20 million Soviet citizens, a strong military is useful for invading one’s neighbouring countries and restore the evil empire.

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How to compare Russia’s military expenditures

Spoiler: Even though Russia has not been exposed to any external threat since the collapse of the Soviet Union, its military expenditures have increased massively since 1999. The media often present confusing and incorrect pictures of the size and developments of Russian military expenditures.  This is often due to incorrect conversion of roubles to dollars without taking the lower Russian prices in to account. It is, however, not necessary to convert military expenditures to dollars to compare Russia’s military expenditures to other countries’. Relating countries’ expenditures to other government expenditures in current prices and local currencies give a correct picture of governments’ priorities. Applying that method shows that the Russian government prioritises its military before its people.

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Kremlin, Poland, the WWII and the truth.

Spoiler: The Kremlin lies again. We ought to be used to it by now since Kremlin has been vomiting lies especially about its war crimes in Syria and Ukraine. But the Kremlin has taken its lies to a new level recently. This year it is 75 years ago since the WWII ended. In Soviet and Russia, it has been commemorated as the Great Patriotic War which means that they prefer to forget Stalin’s alliance with Hitler which started the war.

The existence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and its secret protocol was acknowledged by the Soviet Union during the Perestroika. However, Putin seems to regret this. Not just regret it but unbelievable enough even blame Poland for being attacked by the Nazis and Soviet Union. 

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