Putin’s carnage on Russian democracy

Spoiler: It is done. Or rather it is no more, just like the Norwegian Blue. The first presidential election that Putin won, was deemed as democratic by the OSSE, although with some remarks. Since then, every election, parliamentary or presidential have marred with election fraud, biased media coverage, and barriers preventing political competition.

And then he began his carnage on democracy. He killed the free press, murdered journalists and political opponents, abolished the judiciary’s independence, hunted civil rights activists, manipulated the elections, and fed the Russian population with lies through the media.

The new “constitution” not only makes Russia a full-blown dictatorship. It also written to justify territorial claims on countries that were part of the Soviet Union.

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Imperialist countries according to mass murderer Lenin

Spoiler: Lenin knew a lot about murder, terror, and concentration camps. He knew nothing about economics. According to his ramblings about “imperialism”, USA is not imperialistic but China and Russia are. But the leftists who are too lazy and thick to think for themselves still use the meningless concept of imperialism. Should they think, they would find that China and Russia are “imperialistic”.

Amid all the tearing down of statues by BLM activists, some morons in Gelsenkirchen actually erected a statue by the mass murderer Lenin. Lenin was not a revolutionary leader; he was a coup maker who was financed by the Germans to overthrow the interim Russian government and make peace with Germany so they could concentrate on the Western Front.

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Autocratic regimes are liars.

Spoiler: Autocratic countries disseminate false information to influence their own and foreign citizens than democratic countries. Countries which disseminate false information, also restrict of suppress freedom of speech and freedom of the media. China, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela are among the ten countries that abuse the Internet and social media in this way. Latvia, Taiwan, and USA are among the ten countries that are most abused by foreign governments dissemination false information.

The Kremlin regime also frequently use associated political parties and candidates to disseminate false information at home and abroad. Russian government and party dissemination of false information abroad increased significantly after the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution.

For regimes like China’s and Russia’s, disinformation campaigns are key foreign policy instruments. Often campaigns to get the autocratic regimes’ opinions, narratives and lies, picked up by media in the target countries.

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World Press Freedom Day 2020

Spoiler: Today, 3rd of May, is World Press Freedom Day 2020. Press Freedom is a crucial civil liberty. It is part of the United Nation’s declaration of human rights. Press Freedom is also guaranteed in many countries’ constitutions. Nevertheless, press freedom is under duress in many countries and journalists are being harassed, jailed and killed by authoritarian regimes.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 10 journalists have been killed and 64 gone missing during the first four months of this year. If this development continues, around 3000 journalists will be killed or missing at the end of the year.

Press Freedom is one of the key liberties that characterise democracies. It is therefore not surprising that authoritarian leaders who aim to deconstruct democracy begin by abolishing Press Freedom.

Without any freedom of the press, authoritarian and corrupt regimes can undisturbedly abolish judiciary independence, attack the civil society, manipulate elections and attack opposition leaders.

While most authoritarian regimes and dictatorships restrict themselves to attack media in their own countries, the Chinese communist regime is attacking media abroad.

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