Graph of the Day – Globalisation kills poverty

Following the corona outbreak, some countries closed their borders and banned exports of medical supplies. Populistic politicians want their countries to become more “self-sufficient”. According to them, that would also decrease our exposure to viruses like Covid-19. But arguing that more self-sufficiency, aka protectionism, would kill two birds with one stone is terribly wrong.

The arguing is wrong because less trade would make us poorer and leave us with fewer resources to combat viruses. Producing our own ventilators, medicines, vaccines, all the protective equipment we need, would be more expensive than buying from countries that now produce them more efficiently. Some of these products, e.g. ventilators, consist of many parts which now are produced in many different countries all over the world. If we were to produce them ourselves, we would need to set up plants to also produce those parts and extract the raw material which is used in the production processes.

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Graph of the day – Something is terribly wrong with the US police forces

I’m a big fan of the USA. They played a major role saving democracy and freedom in the WWII and afterwards. First by defeating Nazis on the Western front together with the British but also by providing the Soviet Union with guns, vehicles, food, clothes, boots and raw material which the Red Army used to defeat the Nazis on the Eastern front. And after the war, US troops stayed in Europe which prevented the Red Army from invading us. Even if Sweden was not a NATO country, we co-operated closely with NATO and USA.

The main reason for me being a fan is however not its military. There are two major reasons for my “Americanism”. The first reason is the political system with its checks and balances and a constitution protecting the citizens from the state. The second reason is the vibrant US economy which has made lives easier and richer by the production of a vast number of innovations.

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Graph of the Day – While we are watching, freedom is crushed in Hong Kong

News from China and Hong Kong get worse by the day. Sometimes borderline absurd, as when we heard about the National Anthem Bill.  a new law that makes it a crime to insult China’s national anthem. Last year’s Extradition Bill was suspended after massive demonstrations.

But the Communist regime has made it clear that does not intend to respect the “One country, two systems” that was agreed between UK and China in 1984 when the Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed. Therefore, they have now come up with the new Security Law, which makes is intended to criminalise protests and opposition and stamp democracy activists as terrorists.

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