Celebrating United Nations’ 75th birthday by packing UNHCR with human rights abusers.

Spoiler: United Nations is becoming less and less relevant for each passing year. Russia is regularly abusing its veto rights in the Security Council which paves the way for war crimes and violations in human rights. By adding insult to injury, the Human Rights Council, (UNHCR), will next year include a member whose regime is committing genocide: China. Only half of the members in the UNHCR are democracies. The other half regularly violates its peoples’ civil rights.

While Rule of Law and Freedom of Speech are more or less absent in many UNHCR member states, Regime Corruption is pervasive. Are these countries really committed to uphold human rights? No, of course not. Many countries commit themselves to violate human rights. The UNHCR is a joke. A very bad joke.

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Putin vetoes human rights

Spoiler: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia granted to take the place of the Soviet Union as a permanent member of the United Nations’ Security Council. That was a mistake. The position has mostly been used to block investigations into human rights violations, Russian occupations of other countries’ territories, protect pariah regimes and block UN aid to refugees.

After Putin came to power, Russia has used its veto to prevent the UN to act against regimes who violate human rights and even persecute their own populations. The first vetoes blocked UN actions against the regimes in Myanmar and Zimbabwe. These vetoes were not based on any considerations of what was going on in the two countries. They were supporting China’s vetoes. The Chinese regime was not interested in having UN missions in countries where China had invested.

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Graph of the day – Why they protest in Khabarovsk

Tens of thousands of the brave citizens of Khabarovsk have taken to the streets to protest the arrest of their governor Furgal. Despite the Kremlin’s attempts to get its preferred governor elected, the people elected Frugal. Furgal who has been a thorn in the Kremlin’s eye was arrested on the 9th of July. The Kremlin claims, through its puppets in the obedient judicial system, that Furgal was involved in murders of businessmen in 2004.  

As I showed in this post, the Rule of Law has been effectively hollowed out by Putin since Yeltsin made him president. Russians do not expect the judges in their courts to follow anything but the will of Kremlin.

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Graph of the Day – The absence of Rule of Law in Russia

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, the new Russian “constitution” is a violation of the principles of Rule of Law. Only ashes remain. As we could see, Russia is now ranked as 94/128 countries with respect to Rule of Law. This deterioration of Rule of Law since Putin came to power have dire consequences for Russians.

Their rights to fair trials are gone. It is meaningless or even dangerous to appeal decisions made by the Russian authorities. And should the courts uphold the appeals or in other ways decide in favour of Russian individuals, there is always the possibility that Kremlin ignores that decision.

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