Fog för russofobi

I korthet: detta inlägg publicerades som en insändare av Sydöstran den 24/9.

This post was published by the newspaper linked to above on 24 September. An English version is available below the Swedish text:

Ordet russofobi uppfanns som bekant av den forna Tsarregimen för att vifta bort mot de övergrepp som den utsatte den egna befolkningen för.

egreppet används flitigt av den nuvarande putinregimen som svar på regimens brott mot internationell rätt sedan den inledde kriget mot Ukraina 2014. Regimens ständiga tjatande om russofobi är patetiskt. Det används inte av demokratiskt valda regeringar. Ingen svensk regering skulle få för sig att kalla utländska kritiker för ”swefober”.

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Published by Stockholm Free World Forum 10 September 2022

After failing to capture Kyiv, the Kremlin focused its efforts on seizing and holding Donbas region and the south of Ukraine. In Donbass, Kremlin’s scorched-earth tactics have recently stalled. Russia’s slow advance in Ukraine combined with substantial military casualties mean that Putin desperately needs a pause in the war to regain his army’s weakening strength. This may temporarily freeze the conflict, but it will not bring a permanent peace to Europe. Despite recent setbacks, Putin has not given up his hopes to destroy Ukraine and restore Russia’s influence on the territories of the former Russian empire. To prevent another war, Russia must be decisively defeated and forced to abandon its imperial ambitions argues Dr. Olena Stavrunova and Mats Marcusson. 

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putin, and only putin is creating a famine

Spoiler: putin is creating a famine in the countries dependent on grain imports from Ukraine. He’s trying to blame sanctions on russia. That is a lie. There are no sanctions on russian exports of grain, other agricultural products or fertilizers.The food crisis is caused by putin, and only by putin. He blocks Ukrainain ports, he steals Ukrainian grain, he destroys Ukrainian agricultural equipment, and he bombs and mines Ukrainian agricultural fields. He bombs grain silos in Mykolaiv.

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Increase the sanctions on exports to russia!

Spoiler: The export sanctions are working even though the Kremlin says the opposite. The fact that increasing oil prices have increased russia’s current account is not a sign of success. russia’s imports have decreased drastically due to export sanctions on products that russia needs to kill civilian Ukrainians. The plunging imports are also due to non-sanctioning countries’ hesitation to export to russia because of fear of being on the wrong side of history.

But more export sanctions are necessary. Most export sanctions refer to high-technology products that can be used to kill Ukrainians. That is not enough. Not only chips and electronic components are used in the weapons and weapons systems that putin uses to kill Ukrainians. Also plastics, rubber, metals, textiles and other types of materials are needed.

Including also such products in the export sanctions will make it even more difficult for putin to fight his genocidal war. And secondary sanctions should be imposed to prevent other countries to use sanctioned countries’ products in exports

Imposing secondary sanctions are important because weapons are made by different industries located all over the world. The production in global value chains makes putin’s industries more sensitive for sanctions. By excluding products from global value chains reaching russia, russian industries’ abilities to produce more weapons will be severely limited.

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