Enough is enough in Belarus.

Spoiler: After 26 years of manipulating elections, clamping down on opponents, abolishing media freedom, violating the constitution, Belarusians have had enough. Hundreds of thousands Belarusians protest against the regime’s brutal violence and torture of peaceful demonstrators. Will Belarusians gain their freedom, or will Lukashenka survive with the help of his “friend” Putin?

As was shown in the previous post, Lukashenka has manipulated all elections since he came to power. In principal all elections since 1994 have been manipulated in different ways by Lukashenka. Here are OSCE’s conclusions:

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Another fraudulent election in Belarus

But this time it has been more exposed. People report the true results from the voting stations. They show that Tikhanovskaya got more votes than Lukashenko. The Twitter thread from where this picture is taken is just one of the many pieces of evidence showing that Lukashenko is trying to steal the election from the Belarussian people, c.f. Figure 1.

Figure 1. Protocol from a Belarussian voting station.

Source: /status/1292538034794246147?s=03


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Wage and capital shares in Sweden.

Spoiler: Measuring income equality in the classical way where a nation’s income is distributed between capital and labour, shows that the wage share in Sweden has increased since 1993. In order to properly measure how the capital share has developed, one must take the depreciation of the capital stock into account.

This adjustment shows that the capital income share of factual income (wage compensation + gross capital income – depreciation) decreased from 34% in 1993 to 22% in 2018.

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Graph of the day – Why they protest in Khabarovsk

Tens of thousands of the brave citizens of Khabarovsk have taken to the streets to protest the arrest of their governor Furgal. Despite the Kremlin’s attempts to get its preferred governor elected, the people elected Frugal. Furgal who has been a thorn in the Kremlin’s eye was arrested on the 9th of July. The Kremlin claims, through its puppets in the obedient judicial system, that Furgal was involved in murders of businessmen in 2004.  

As I showed in this post, the Rule of Law has been effectively hollowed out by Putin since Yeltsin made him president. Russians do not expect the judges in their courts to follow anything but the will of Kremlin.

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