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The stagnating Construction industry slows down Swedish growth

Spoiler: The historically meagre productivity growth of the Swedish Construction industry is a serious problem. Low productivity growth for an industry does not have to be a problem if the industry is small relative to the rest of the economy. But it is problematic when a large industry’s share in the economy is increasing over time at the same time as its productivity growth is stagnating. The Swedish Construction industry’s contribution to overall Swedish productivity growth is almost as small as the public sector’s contribution.

Unless the Construction industry’s productivity growth increases, the other industries’ productivity growth will have to increase. The increases will have to be continuously higher as long as the Construction sector’s share of the economy keep increasing. The reasons behind the weak productivity growth are well-known. Weak competition, many and complex regulations, municipal monopoly of the planning process for buildings, and other factors leading to high entry costs making it difficult for new firms enter the markets.

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Byggindustrin bromsar tillväxten

I korthet: Den historiskt låga produktiviteten inomsvensk byggindustri är ett allvarligt problem. Att produktiviteten inom en bransch är låg behöver inte vara ett problem om branschen är liten i förhållande till den övriga ekonomin. Men om en stor bransch har låg produktivitet och samtidigt ökar sin andel av ekonomin, så uppstår problem. Den svensk byggindustrins bidrag till den totala produktivitetstillväxten är nästan lika låg som den offentliga sektorns.

Om inte produktiviteten inom byggindustrin kan fås att stiga, så ökar trycket på ökningar av produktiviteten inom de andra branscherna. Orsakerna till den låga produktiviteten beror till stor del på den svaga konkurrensen inom branschen. An English version will follow soon.

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China wants us to shut up.

Chinais fighting a war against the Truth. When the Chinese communist regime is criticised for committing genocide of Uighurs, it tells its critics and the researchers that exposed it, to shut up. When we criticise the Chinese communist regimes for clamping down on Hong Kong’s democracy activists, it tells us to shut up. When we criticise the Chinese communist regime for violating Taiwan’s airspace and waters, it tells to shut up. And so on.

The Chinese regime’s attacks against people who tell the truth is appalling and often absurd. But it is nothing new. The Chinese communist regime has waged a propaganda and disinformation war against us and its own citizens for many years. The Chinese communist regime lies more frequent than we change shirts.

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