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Why the EU really matters

Spoilers. The EU is a success with the perhaps most obvious example being the Single Market which has led to increasing living standards in the EU. But the most important reason for people from the Baltics and Eastern European Countries to join the EU were the EU values of respect for freedom, democracy and human rights. But the EU is not perfect. Once inside the EU, governments with autocratic ambitions as Orban’s Hungary can demount their citizens rights and violate EU fundamental values. 

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Prices in the EU – converging or diverging?

Spoilers. The Single Market and the Euro have decreased price differences within the EU. The process has been stronger for prices of goods than for prices of services. More can be done in EU to complete the Single Market for Services in order to increase competition and lower profits for the benefits of customers. If you agree with this, you should cast your vote on a party that wants to improve the functioning of the Single Market and increase trade within EU and with countries outside EU. 

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I lånta fjädrar och i dåligt sällskap.

Den välrenommerade forskaren och Rysslandsexperten Martin Kragh publicerade 2017 tillsammans med Sebastian Åberg en artikel om Rysslands metoder för att påverka opinionen i väst. Artikeln finns i Journal of Strategic Studies:  ”Russia’s strategy for influence through public diplomacy and active measures: the Swedish case”. publiceringen togs emot väl av seriösa bedömare men Kreml och dess nyttiga idioter organiserade en desinformationskampanj som tog ny fart i år vilket har beskrivits mycket väl av Patrik Oksanen här. Desinformationskampanjen var mycket hätsk och de som deltog i den drog sig inte för trakasserier och hot både mot Martin Kragh, hans kollegor och Expressens kulturchef Karin Olsson. 

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