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The Swedish Migration Agency sends asylum seekers back to their persecutors to be tortured and killed.

Spoiler: In 2021, the Swedish Migration Agency refused to grant asylum to 9 500 asylum seekers. Only around 25% of the asylum applications were granted. Many asylum seekers came from countries where human rights are oppressed.   

Most of these countries are located African or Asian. Two of these countries are in the Americas, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Two of these countries are European, Belarus and Russia. Those that are refused asylum face high risks of being tortured and/or killed if they return to their native countries.

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Russians outside of Russia are free. Russians in Russia are oppressed, persecuted, risk being killed and tortured.

Spoiler: Kremlin’s “foreign minister” follows the commands of his puppet master. Lavrov’s statements remind of many exoplanets. Full of gas as close to facts as their distances to Earth. Lavrov’s pathetic ramblings of “orphaned territories” are manifestations of the anger the creatures in the Kremlin feel since millions of people became free when the brutal Soviet regime collapsed.

Putin hates democratic countries and their governments. Especially those that used to be shackled by the Soviet Union and now are democracies where people and also Russians enjoy human rights. Freedom is an ugly word in Putin’s vocabulary.

But it is not outside of Russia, with the exception of Belarus, and Moldavian and Ukrainian territories which are being occupied by Russia. In other European countries where Russians live, Russians are free to exercise their rights without fear of being beaten, killed or tortured.

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Swedish industries and the Corona crisis

Spoiler: in a previous post, I showed that most Swedish industries were growing in September 2021 compared to twelve months earlier. Even though Omicron is causing new disruptions, its effects are expected to be more limited according to the Economist. If this prediction is correct, we can look back and assess which Swedish industries that were hardest hit by the Corona crisis. I may have to regret that sentence…

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On this day 30 years ago the evil empire, Soviet Union, collapsed and millions of people became free

Spoiler: 30 years ago today, the Soviet flag was replaced by the Russian flag on the Kremlin flagpole. Soviet Union was dissolved after almost 70 years. A giant on clay collapsed due to an inefficient resource wasting economy that could not deliver its oppressed people the same levels of living standards that people in the free world enjoyed.

It is often argued that the USA under Reagan massively increased its military spending forcing the Soviet Union to do the same which ultimately led to the collapse. However, the spending theory isn’t true. Neither USA nor Soviet engaged in an arms race during the Reagan years. Soviet collapsed because the of its inherent inefficiency and dependency of oil revenues. When oil prices fell, the Soviet economy fell.

The inefficiency of the planning system caused the collapse. It was an economic system that was unable to produce enough grain and agricultural products to its own population. The economy was dependent on high oil prices to pay for the food imports and expenditures for the military, and subsidies for energy, food and housing for its citizens.

The collapse meant that millions of people became free. Not everyone liked it. Today, a bare-chested little psychopath that thinks that the collapse was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe in the 20th century, tries to restore the evil empire.

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