Furry Ukrainian heroes

Spoiler: Ukraineis full of heroes. Not only two-legged but also four-legged furry heroes. There are plenty of cats and dogs in the Ukrainian forces holding the lines against muscovite orcs. Ukrainians love their pets. Many who were forced to leave their homes following muscovy’s attacks brought their pets with them. There are also lots of exceptional Ukrainian heroes who stayed behind while orcs where around to make sure that animals would be fed.

The best pictures showing our four-legged furry heroes are provided by the Ukrainian army. They have a twitter account with pictures of mostly cats and dogs that are helping the two-legged heroes to fight the orcs. Follow the account for great pictures and stories.  

Ukrainian army cats & dogs’s twitter account

The most well-known four-legged hero is probably Patron. He is a bomb-sniffer who has detected some 90 explosive devices and thereby saved the lives of many people.  

Patron, the bomb sniffing hero who was awarded The Medal of Honour by President Zelenskyy.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/patron-ukrainian-bomb-sniffing-dog-182053434.html


Patron has also been awarded the Palm Dog for “DogManitarian Work” at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and at least two awards from international organisations.

Patron is far from the only bomb-detecting dog working for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He has many companions whose life-saving efforts should not be forgotten. Nor should the cats and dogs that share the lives with two-legged Ukrainian heroes in the trenches along the frontlines in Ukraine. These guys serve not only as guards but are also good friends who make the lives of two-legged Ukrainian heroes easier. They are found everywhere as you can see by browsing through pictures of and other Twitter accounts or just found by searching for pictures on the Internet.

Sometimes, four-legged heroes are found in unexpected places. This little guy is famous for refusing to surrender to the orcs. He/she held out during the occupation of the Snake Island in the Black Sea.

This little guy refused to surrender to the orcs while they occupied Snake Island.

The Ukrainian soldiers appreciate their cats and make sure to take good care of the new recruits as this picture of a two-legged Ukrainian hero shows. He appears to train the recruit in close combat techniques.

Close combat training for a four-legged recruit

Ukrainians love their pets so much that they don’t want to leave them behind when they had to flee from the orcs. Here’s one story about refugees bringing their pets to Germany.

You can find many more stories like this on the Internet. I won’t publish any photos here since I don’t know if the people in the pictures would approve of that. In case you know someone, who wants to leave and need to bring their pets, there are resources to help Ukrainians with that. One here, and one here.

I end this post with a two-legged heroine who rescued many dogs from the dying after an indiscriminate muscovite attack. Here’s the full story about Asya Serpinska her by Washington Post. If it wasn’t for her, the animals would have died. Because orcs don’t care.

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