Furry animals at last

Despite its name, this blog desperately lacks pictures of furry animals. Here’s an attempt to remedy that.

This beatiful lady is Waris. She is a Maine Coon cat. She regards me as her human assistant.

She regularly patrols her garden to see if there are any intruders that needs to be chased away. She is no stranger to hunting for birds and squirrels.


Waris is sometimes visited by her mother, Kashmir. They are not particularly fond of each other. Most of the time, there is a truce. Kashmir makes sure to try out everything her human assistant. Kashmir is Waris’s mother.

Even thougth they are not enthusiastic about each other’s company, they have been known to join forces. Sometimes against an intruding cat. The other day they both tried to catch this little furry guy. I have named him Kurre. He got away and it will probably be a while before he ventures into Waris’s garden again.





























































































































































































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