Graph of the Day- Globalisation saves children’s lives

A few days ago I posted this where I showed that Globalisation kills poverty. In this post I will show that globalisation saves the lives of children. As countries increasingly become integrated in the world economy by opening up their economies, national incomes rise.

Increasing incomes allow people to invest more in the health of their children. And higher incomes create resources that can be used to improve people’s health. More and better roads can be built so people can visit clinics, doctors, and hospitals easier and faster. The new roads also allow for better access to also goods and services such as pharmaceuticals and vaccines. And more clinics closer to people can be built and be supplies with better educated nurses and doctors than before. And the higher incomes make it possible to supply more people with electricity and water.

High-technology exports, including medical equipment, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, contain knowledge that is transmitted and used in the importing countries. But globalisation is more than increased movements of capital, people and products across borders. Globalisation increases the amount and speed of information and technology across borders. Globalisation is also about co-operation.

After the Chinese reported it, it took a week for German researchers to identify the corona gen, then another week to develop tests to diagnose people and labs in Germany, Israel and South Korea have already begun to develop vaccines ready to be clinically tested. And in mid-March had Dutch researchers in Rotterdam found an antibody which can be used to develop drugs against the corona virus. It is also about more and faster flows of information which the current outbreak of the Corona virus shows.

The flows of information and knowledge across the Internet saves lives.

Under 5 year’s death rates from malnutrition falls with increased globalisation


Source: Death rates: Global Health Data Exchange,  Informational Globalisation, Note: Global under 5 child deaths from nutritional deficiencies. Death rates per 100 000 people. Informational globalisation gauges the extent of trade with high-technology products, international patents and use of Internet bandwitdth.

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