The hypocritical Victory Parade

Spoiler: Kremlin weaponizes history. The regime undertakes great efforts to erase it’s the Soviet pact with Nazi-Germany. Soviet participation in WWII did not begin 22 June 1941, it began 17 September 1939 when Soviet attacked Poland in the back. Then Soviet attacked Finland but failed to occupy her. Unfortunately, Stalin succeeded to occupy the Baltic countries. Imprisonments, deportations, torture, rapes and killings followed and were continued when the Soviet Union liberated the countries from the Nazis.

The Kremlin has made Russian history books a farce and introduced laws that criminalise the truth of Soviet-Nazi cooperation and Soviet war crimes during WWII. The methods to change history also includes inventions of other countries’ war crimes.

The corona virus has forced Putin to postpone the hypocritical “Victory parade” which is normally held on the 9th of May, one day after the Nazis signed the capitulation.

Parading Putlerjugend.

It seems now that the parade will be held in the air which not only will carry the corona virus but also more tangible lethal items such as bomb planes. But I’m sure that the 15 000 guys who took part in the exercises of the parade, will be not be participating. A great deal of them may have caught the virus at the exercises. 

And I know for certainty, that there will be no mention of the Soviet-Nazi cooperation which the Kremlin wants us to forget or try to blame Poland for; yes he did! Well, both the Polish President and Prime Minister both gave Putin a jolly good spanking.

Besides Poland, also the Baltic countries, Finland and the Czech Republic are under historic revisionist attacks from the Kremlin. Below are some other historical events that the Kremlin either wants us to forget or rewrite.


Facts about Poland that the Kremlin wants to change


In the beginning of 1935, a German delegation, led by Göring, travelled to Poland. Göring brought with him a proposition of a German-Polish military alliance targeting the Soviet Union. This included plans of letting Poland occupy parts of Soviet Union in exchange for parts of its own territory that Nazi-Germany considered to be part of Germany.

The Polish government refused of course. Stalin was considerably more susceptible to the Nazis’ courting some years later.

Poland had already signed a pact, not with Nazi-Germany but with the Soviet Union. On the 25th of July 1932, a non-aggression pact between Poland and the Soviet Union was signed in Moscow. By signing the pact, both countries committed to

  • not engage in any aggressive actions against each other or invade each other, either alone or together with any other country;
  • refrain from support any other country that would attack either of Poland or Soviet Union;
  • not to take part in any entente or pact hostile to either Poland or Soviet.

This was not the only agreement between Poland and Soviet Union that committed the countries to abstain from any aggressive actions against each other. On the ninth of February 1929, representatives of the two countries had together with representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Romania, signed the Litvinov pact. By signing the pact, the countries renounced the use of war as instrument of foreign policy and agreed that settlements of conflicts should always be sought by pacific means. The signatories of the Litvinov pact adhered to the Kellogg-Briand  pact.

These pacts and agreements were broken by Soviet on 17 September when the Red Army invaded Poland.  

In this post I have described the Soviet atrocities in Poland both during and after Soviet’s alliance with Hitler.

The Nazi-Soviet Victory Parade in Brest-Litovsk is not included in Russian history books.


Nor any pictures showing how well Nazis and Red Army officers got on with each other.


Even though Putin has admitted that Soviet carried out the Katyn Massacre, I suspect that the Kremlin is trying to deny that it was carried out by the Red Army. Recently, Russian authorities in Tver removed a plaque, commemorating the massacre, from the wall of former NKVD building. Around 20 000 people were killed in the Katyn massacre.

A major cause of embarrassment for leaderships of the former Soviet Union and Russia today, is ROA. The Russian Liberation Army led by Andrey Vlasov fought against the Red Army on the Nazi’s side on the Eastern Front.

Anyway, the ROA took part in the crushing of the Warsaw Uprising. Polish divisions of the Red Army, (previously imprisoned by Soviet), refused to obey orders and tried to cross Vistula. As they didn’t receive the help needed from the rest of the Red Army, the attempts were unsuccessful. The Nazis could slaughter around 200 000 people and level large parts of Warsaw to the ground.


Facts about Finland that the Kremlin wants to change


The Winter War against Finland is a matter of grave concern for Kremlin. Efforts are therefore made to change the facts. In 2013, Putin told Russian historians that he regarded Stalin’s attack on Finland in 1939 as an attempt to correct “border mistakes”. However, the border revisions that Stalin demanded from Finland went far beyond and made-up mistakes. And when Finland refused to agree with Stalin’s unacceptable demands, Soviet attacked. The Soviet staged a false-flag operation to justify the attack. Soviet artillery in Mainila fired on its own territory. Soviet tried to blame Finland for it. However, Finland did not have any artillery in the area.

On November 30, the glorious and heroic Soviet air force dropped bombs on innocent civilians in Helsinki on the first day. The bombings cost almost a thousand lives, and hadn’t it been for the typical communist incompetence, more Finnish lives had been lost. Stalin wanted of course to occupy Finland completely but failed miserably thanks to the heroic Finnish people who resisted his ambitions but had to give up territory.

The Finnish troops were massively outnumbered and poorly equipped in terms of artillery, air force, tanks and even machine guns. But what they lacked in equipment; the Finns made up in terms of moral. The people that had fought a bloody and cruel civil war between socialists and bourgeoise in 1918, fought united for their freedom. Finnish casualties in the Winter War amounted to some 70 000, the Soviet lost between 350 000 and 400 000. The main reason for the massive Soviet losses was Stalin’s contempt of human lives. He did not care how many Soviet soldiers that were gunned down by the Finnish soldiers.

But the Kremlin not only deletes facts from Russian history books, it adds things that never happened. Recently, Russian historians have been ordered by the Kremlin to invent Finnish concentration camps with gas chambers! Utter bullshit of course. The Finnish camps were investigated already after the Armistice between Finland and Soviet in 1944. As a Finnish historian says here the whole story is part of Putin’s efforts to rewrite history.


Facts about the Baltic countries that the Kremlin wants to change


In 1940, Stalin occupied the Baltic. Soon, imprisonments, torture, killings, rapes and deportations began. Around 50 000 Baltic citizens, including many Jews were deported to Siberia where many of them met the same destiny as the Polish citizens. The June deportations also meant that people living in territories today belonging to Moldavia, Romania and Ukraine were sent on overcrowded trains to Siberia.

For Estonia, it meant that 25% of the deportees were younger than 16 years old.

Partners in love and in crime

By Daugavas vanagi – Europeana 1989, CC BY-SA 4.0,



Facts about the Czech Republic that the Kremlin wants to change


The Kremlin probably denies the existence of the Russian Liberation Army, ROA, which fought along Hitler’s troops. The fact that ROA took side against the Nazis in the Prague Uprising and played a larger part in its liberation than the Red Army does not go down well in the Kremlin. They are obsessed with the version that Prague was liberated by the Red Army and Marshall Konev. Even though Konev played a smaller part in the liberation of Prague than the Kremlin wants to recognise, he played larger parts in the crushing of the Hungarian revolution in 1956, the Prague Spring and the building of the Berlin Wall.

So, when the statue was removed in Prague, the Kremlin became furious. Putin made it illegal to destroy Soviet monuments. The Kremlin also reacted in other ways. The Prague mayor had to be protected by the police when the Czech security police unveiled a plot to poison him.


Facts about the USA that the Kremlin wants to change


The Kremlin and its pathetic puppets often claim that it was mostly due to the Soviet and the Red Army that the Nazis were defeated. This is of course bullshit. The Nazis were defeated by the Soviet together with the other allied forces.

And the Kremlin somehow also forgets that even though Soviet supplies were used by Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, Great Britain, together with Canada and USA, supplied the Soviet Union with arms, ammunitions, food and other materiel after the Nazis’ attack on Soviet Union in June 1941. Great Britain delivered 7 000 aircrafts, 27 ships, more than 5 200 armoured vehicles, 5 000 of artillery, 4 000 ambulances and trucks and a lot of other necessary materiel including 15 million pair of boots. The American help amounted to some 400 000 jeeps and trucks, 12 000 armoured vehicles including 7 000 tanks, 11 400 aircraft and 2 million tons of food. Stalin and Kruschev could admit that the Lend-Lease Program made Soviet defeat the Nazis. Putin can’t.

Read more.

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  1. Det här inlägget kommer att förarga de proryska stollar som vanligen deltar i Kremls hyckleri denna dag. En fördel med corona är att knäppgökar som Agneta Norberg och andra inte kan gå omkring och förneka Sovjets samarbete med nazisterna. Jag har inte kollat än, men jag skulle tro att Romelsjö har skrivit något inlägg där han påstår att Sovjet tvingades att samarbeta med nazisterna.

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